Sake drinkware making manners beautiful

We focused on the traditional properties of this age-old material to create tin ware that gave sake a smoother and mellower taste.  We were able to drastically change the masculine image of the sake bottle by attributing a sense of beauty into the casual action of pouring sake from the bottle into the cup.
Sake drinkware made by Osaka Suzuki based on its traditions

Osaka Suzuki manufactures tin drinkware with an ancient technique where tin is cast in a mold and turned out on a lathe. This drinkware has been designated Osaka Naniwa Suzuki, Traditional Crafts Designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry in 1983 based on traditions, crafts, and techniques. A collaboration of this tradition and Metaphys design produced gekka
Reason for using authentic tin
Mark of “Authentic tin” engraved on the back of the sake cup

Tin, safe to the human body, is said to absorb impurities and purify water and has been used for drinkware for 1,300 years. All gekka products are made of authentic tin with a proof mark engraved on the bottom. Authentic tin generally contains 95% to 97% tin. Osaka Suzuki warrants that 97% or more tin is used. The sake becomes pure and mellow when it is poured into authentic tin drinkware and becomes mellower when it is warmed. Tin has high heat conductivity, enabling fast warming and maintaining the fragrance. Tin drinkware is easy to care for with no smell as it resists oxidizing and rust.
Bamboo-turning prevents the hand
from getting hot
The gekka sake drinkware is available for cold and warm sake. Drinkware for cold sake is matte-surfaced by sandblasting, providing a soft and comfortable texture that moderately alleviates the cold spreading to the hand. Drinkware for cold sake is surfaced while maintaining the texture of being on the wheel and is glazed with a fine hairline. Warm sake decanters are bamboo-turned by an artisan. Sake cups are double-cast and resist cooling and come with a handle carefully designed so that it does not get hot.
Paulownia box ideal for gifts

2011 Design for Asia Award Silver Award