Stackable mug cups
Used comfortably and housed compactly

Mug cups tend to take up space when stored in the cupboard. However, Stamug is a stackable mug cup that can be stored while taking up very little space. We have carefully designed focusing on 3 points: it can be stackable, it can be held firmly, and it is large enough so that it could be used for drinking soups. The contour from the edge of the cup to the handle is beautifully connected, creating a minimal shape which you do not see anywhere else.
The maximum capacity is approximately 300 ml and can be used for coffee, tea, and soup. 
Its size and depth enables it to be used as a dish for salad or dessert
Easy to carry and beautiful
The beauty of the line continuing from the faucet to the handle is as minimal as anything. The smooth 
dimple on the top of the handle accommodates the thumb